• brooketietjens


Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Dearest Pat,

Writing this feels like reading one of your scripts, for I pen it with everything that I believe a good show should have - laughter, tears and a real purpose. But never too long.

So let’s keep this to the point, as you were. I thank you for changing my life through theatre, for being a good person, and for doing good things for the community and wider NZ.

I’m so glad and grateful that my last theatre role in Palmerston North was as your leading lady. I will never forget you casting me as Maria Elena in The Buddy Holly Story. I literally treated my bed like a trampoline when I got that call. It was like being five years old all over again, only I was 25 and due to move a day after closing.

I’ll never forget those chats in your car before rehearsing at Awatapu High School. I’ll always remember your full and rightfully owed frankness when I was so late on during rehearsal that Kane Parsons as Buddy started faux ordering a Hawaiian pizza on stage. I won’t forget you making us rehearse the kiss unexpectedly in front of giggling high school girls. Nor the set malfunctioning on opening night and us almost changing the show’s rating on the floor. Lest we forget my costume malfunction. But I will never forget your, “Good work”, either. From you, that meant everything.

Thank you for allowing me to walk onto your stage and into your wisdom, talent and life. Your name is synonymous with theatre. A 60-year involvement in it, as a director of more than 100 shows and an administrator gives you five very bright stars from me. They will shine forever.