• brooketietjens


Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I look beneath the rose bush, and around the willow tree. I hunt around the potted plants, but still no eggs for me.

I spy a hint of glitter, Mum’s wand points toward, excited and delighted, I rush to claim my big reward. I brush away the fallen leaves, and now I get to see, a lovely golden egg, the Easter Bunny left for me.

My treat went across the fence to the local kids and such. We would love for you all to know that you deserved it very much.

I didn’t expect to lose my mother and my loved four legged brother in just the space of a few years. I have had enough of crying, so for now there is no more tears. My heart cannot keep on dying.

By human years Brutus would now be 100. That’d be his letter from Her Majesty the Queen. So I will simply smile at times like this, that have been.

We’re in a world of such great need. So many struggling and others with greed. There were great words said by Audrey Hepburn - for an attractive figure, share your food. Such an elegant lady, never rude.

Break your egg in half today and please share it with someone who does not have any. That will get you many.