• brooketietjens


Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I’m blessed with a beautiful view today. Gold sand, clear blue waters and the iconic Rangitoto Island. I can stay here more than an hour, too. So I’m sitting on a park bench feeling so grateful. In London I got kicked off of one by the police - out of pure innocence, of course. It was pretty scary, having two constables approach me in Islington Green. It’s a pity they didn’t come on horseback. I grew up in equestrian. I love horses. But one may waver ignorance my end. Either way, I’d never thought twice about the seriousness of my experience of London lockdown until then. It got a whole lot worse. My time in London lockdown was short, for I had to come back ‘home’, although I consider myself half British and always will. But it was awful. I had my bank details stolen. I was in a very unhealthy home environment which I couldn’t leave because, well, I couldn’t leave. Nobody could. I had to renew my passport and write to Home Office who was thankfully understanding. Then I had to leave my dearest friend to return to a New Zealand quarantine, not knowing where I was going. I didn’t light a candle for a year of lockdown because I was scared I’d set the smoke alarm off! But as I sit here on the beach, I’ll light one here later. For each and every one of you. My time in London lockdown was hard, but it wasn’t long. I’m thinking a lot today about everyone who has lost so much because of this situation. I feel very thankful to be a Kiwi. But I still can’t wait to get back to London when the time is right. Kia Kaha - in New Zealand, that means be strong, be brave, be steadfast.